Nutraceutical is a term derived from “nutrition” and “pharmaceutics.” The term is applied to products that are isolated from herbal products, dietary supplements (nutrients), specific diets, and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages that other than nutrition are also used as medicine.

Nutraceuticals are products, which other than nutrition are also used as medicine. A nutraceutical product may be defined as a substance, which has physiological benefit or provides protection against chronic disease.

AstaxanthinHaematococcus PluvialisWhole AlgaeUpto 10% Powder / Oleoresin 5 %, 10%
Beta CaroteneDunaliella salinaAlgal Source Upto 30% Oil / 40% Powder & Beadlets
Collagen PowderFish Fish Scale 90% Protein
DHASchizochytrium Sp.Algal Source40% Oil & 10% Powder
GingerolZingiber officinaleRhizomeUp to 40% oleoresin and 25% Powder
LuteinTagetes erectaMarigold FlowerUpto 40% Oil / 20% Powder & Beadlets
LycopeneLycopeneTomato vegetable6% & 10% Oil/Powder
Nano Curcumin Curcuma longaDried RhizomeUpto 40% Water Soluble Powder & Liquid
30% Oil Soluble in Oil
PiperinePiper nigrumDried Fruits95% Piperine
PolicosanolSaccharum officinarumWax90% Powder
ProtodioscinTribulus TerrestrisFruitProtodioscin 20% & 40%
Saw PalmettoSerenoa repensRipe fruitOil 90% and Powder 45%
Soy IsoflavoneGlycine max (L.) MerrSoybeans40% Isoflavones
ZeaxanthinZeaxanthinMarigold flowerUpto 70% Powder, 20% Oleoresin