About The Company

Himalayan Nutraceuticals Pvt.Ltd. is a manufacturer of high qualities herbal extracts, Phytochemical, Oleoresin, essential oil and nutraceuticals product. We are proud partner of major manufactures as raw material provider for Health and personal care products. The organisation is offering superior & effectively formula as well as invaluable assistance to the client with a guarantee of safety & healthy solution.

What We Do

Himalayan Nutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd. comes with an open-mind set and customer-focused company to provide the quality product to their customer with skilled and professional teamwork. The team’s vast knowledge and expertise from many years in the Herbal Extracts and nutraceuticals to proven understanding of Market trends, generates excellent results.

With production facility in Uttarakhand, Himalayan Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd is able to present inspiring yet practical solutions that are cost effective for our clients worldwide. With the enriched experienced as well as young enthusiastic human resources organisation is aimed to serve for what it is committed for.

Vision & Mission

  • Our vision is to set highest standards of customer satisfaction, product development, manufacturing, delivery and in all other domains of our business and be the industry leader globally. Our GMPs assures the purity, consistent composition, and quality of all of our finished products.


  • Having Identity with our quality, accessibility, passion for excellence, and continuous innovations. We are aimed to recognise ourselves for our high values, ethics and commitment to serve the world community.

In-House Cultivation

We at HNPL are proud to partner with local Indian Farmers that celebrates their hard-work and dedication. We have partnered and supported farmers across India in providing new crops varieties and new technologies while introducing sustainable farming practices.

With this we also ensures a regular & consistent supply of raw material every season with pesticides free cultivation & quality check for plantation at cultivation source only.

Quality Control

The ingredients are standardized with strict quality control to ensure consistent composition, safety and potency. We at HNPL follow the GMP measures with utmost sincerity and strictness. 

We have a well-equipped R&D center that works rigorously in order to provide the best and latest products. The quality assurance procedures are well documented and available for audits.